Aquarian Labyrinth

A New Pattern for a New Age

 Aquarian Labyrinth - The BOOK!! - A New Pattern for a New Age

The New Book is HERE!!!

The Book is Complete!

Over the past 30 years or so, the ancient labyrinth patterns of the world have made a new resurgence. Until 2011 when a new pattern was magically discovered by Llynnette VanHooser. 

After discovering the Aquarian Labyrinth pattern, Llynette has studied it to unlock the hidden treasures with its beautiful twists and turns. 

Now she will take you on a journey of how it was discovered, what it means and how you can create Majik, right in your own backyard!


Yes, it took a long time to get the book written and then published. Part of the delay was simply the fact that I had not lived the next chapter yet. So now it is finished and I am so happy to announce that you can purchase it on Amazon by following the link below,

To those who have given initial feedback on the book, Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate the Amazon feedback as well. I cannot get good ratings on this book without readers so I truly appreciate every book review I receive!


If you are interested in learning about the new pattern of the Aquarian Labyrinth, you will want to read my new book that explains its differences from the classic labyrinth patterns as well as its uses as a Healing Tool, Oracle and Wedding Pivot Point. Enjoy the journey.

So What's Next?

Strangely enough, I am planning to give this book away for free! yes! FREE!

Over the next few weeks and months, I will be posting portions of my book for you to read absolutely FREE!

I feel that the message of the Aquarian Labyrinth is a strong message of healing through love and forgiveness. I would like to get this book into every person on the planet. I believe that love is the strongest and most powerful force in the universe. It removes boundaries and makes way for true deep healing.

I want to give this gift to you FREE of charge.

Sign up for future blog posts and you will receive the book incrementally as I release it.  This will also allow you to get updates on future book projects and workshops on the various subjects to be presented by Llynnette  VanHooser, the author of this book - The Aquarian Labyrinth - A New Pattern for a New Age. She is also the author of several websites.

All of her interests and special activities are outlined and highlighted on her main site -

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