Aquarian Labyrinth

A New Pattern for a New Age

Chapter 3.2 - A New Pattern

Greetings, Welcome back and thank you for reading along with me as I reveal my book one week at a time.

Things are getting really interesting, this time I reveal the first pattern that I discovered and talk about how I discovered it. This is my favorite chapter as it talks about how this majikally made its way into my life. It has changed me and I will never be the same after meeting with and learning from my greatest teacher.

Thank your and stay on the path... Llynnette


Where did these Aquarian Labyrinth Patterns come from?

It's easy to look at these patterns and think that I sat down and spent many hours trying to figure out how to make something new. However, as much as I would like to take credit for being a super genius, it would not be true. I didn’t' spend hours and days trying to unlock this puzzle. Instead, it was instantaneous. Once I changed the seed pattern everything else fell into place and all the other patterns that came out of it were just as amazing. Did I create something new, or did I discover something that was there all along?

Personally I don't feel that I created it, I feel that I discovered it. That is was there all along. This is the reason I originally called them Faerie Labyrinths. It was as if the Faeries had guided me to find some small bit of ancient knowledge. Being a faerie myself, or so some believe, I feel privileged to share this with the mortals.

I have seen only one other labyrinth that almost looks like someone was trying to make the same pattern I discovered. Sig Lonegren talks about it in his book, Labyrinths, Ancient Myths and Modern Uses, pg 24.

Apparently it was created by the Hopi's and there are 4 different patterns that have been found in the area. One of them is a square labyrinth that has two paths at the entrance. This is the only similarity that the pattern has to the Aquarian patterns.

When I first saw this Hopi pattern my heart skipped a beat, as I thought it was the same as the revealed pattern but on closer examination, I found that it was actually two paths that meander and then end within the labyrinth separately. There is not a goal to the pattern in the traditional sense. There are simply two completely separate paths in one labyrinth starting and ending at different points. It is looked at by the Hopi as an emulation of Mother and unborn child. Basically there are two labyrinths in one. The inner and the outer. The inner labyrinth takes the left path while the outer labyrinth takes the right path. One nesting inside the other. It is a great way to look at this beautiful symbol of mother and child.

Upon studying this pattern I realized that the changes that I made to the classic seed pattern were very similar to the changes that would have been made to this Hopi pattern. The only thing different in the seed patterns was the dot on the top right quadrant was missing in the Hopi pattern.

After looking at the seed pattern, and realizing the difference, I now was not sure if I had rediscovered something or if I had discovered it for the first time. My higher mind seemed to look into the past and think about those people so long ago who made a similar discovery. I could feel the ancestors reaching out to me, sharing with me knowledge, and vision.

So where did they come from? The only answer I have is, I'm not sure... maybe it was the faeries...

What is so special about this pattern?

I would not say this pattern is any better or more special than any other pattern ancient or modern. I find it to be so completely different from any pattern I have encountered in the past that I can't help but fly its flag and get it recognized in the labyrinth community.

These patterns are not better than a traditional pattern, they are just different. I believe all labyrinth patterns have a purpose. At the time of this writing, I believe this is a dancing labyrinth. I believe this pattern can aid us in our personal and collective healing for the planet. Just as walking a traditional labyrinth path is or can be a walk of peace. I believe this pattern to be a “Dance of Peace”.

What makes this pattern and the others that came from the expanded and contracted seed patterns, completely unique from all others is the simple fact that the path goes to the goal and then the path continues to the exit. How? Why? I'm not sure, that's just how it came out.

Some may say that there are already patterns that do this. I would have to agree, however, on those that DO exit on a continuous path, the exit path is a straight one, almost like an escape route.

In the case of the Aquarian Labyrinth, the “exit” path is meandering like the rest of the labyrinth. It is very much a labyrinth within a labyrinth. As the outer labyrinth expands and contracts in size and number of circuits the inner labyrinth also expands and contracts.

I feel one of the main functions of this series of patterns is dancing and ceremonies as I mentioned earlier. Also, the way these patterns are set up with an exit path, I believe it is for healing. The idea that once a person is healed from something, there is no need to go back over the same ground. Once the goal is visited we are changed therefore we are now free to walk a new path.

The exit path is the path of gratitude. Just as the entrance is a path of love. The two highest vibrations in the universe.

What does it look like?

I'm sure at this point I have talked way too much and you are wanting to see for yourself what I am talking about.

Placing the 6 circuit Aquarian labyrinth and a classic 7 circuit “Cretan” labyrinth side by side, right away, you can see their similarities and their differences. The six circuit Aquarian Labyrinth is the smallest of the Aquarian Labyrinth series.


    Classical: 7 circuit “Cretan” Labyrinth.                                    Mew Age: 6 Circuit “Aquarian” Labyrinth


The first thing you may notice is how much they resemble each other in their basic shape and the “goddess” in the center is still very prominent. In the larger versions, the goddess looks more balanced. However, it is still possible to see her outstretched arms just as with the “Cretan”.

Then notice that instead of one path at the opening there are two. Intuitively people seem to gravitate to the one on the left. Either path will take you to the goal, however, I do believe that walking it from left to right creates and builds more energy than walking it from right to left. - Keep in mind I am still discovering.

I suggest you run each of these labyrinths with your finger or a stylus, just as if you were walking it, to get the feel of the energy that is created. Do you feel a difference between the two patterns? Did you remain in the goal of one or the other longer? Did you feel, hear, see anything?

Now look at the two patterns and concentrate on the paths themselves. Notice that they are almost identical in how many times the path turns and when. It's very interesting how similar they are to each other, but yet how very different.

Notice how the path meanders similar to the classic 7 circuit “Cretan”, with one big difference, it only takes 4 circuits to reach the goal with the Aquarian, then once leaving the goal, it takes 2 circuits to reach the Exit.

When I first discovered this I was amazed at how easy it was to create despite its appearance. Although the above pattern was the first breakthrough pattern I discovered, there were more to come and each one has a different energy. Not good, not bad, just different. I am still in the process of studying each of them for any hidden mysteries I may glean out of them, and I'm sure it will be a lifelong endeavor that I very much look forward to.

I sometimes feel like an explorer or archeologist, It's hard for me to imagine that this pattern has been overlooked for so long. Or maybe it was just left for someone else to discover. Or maybe I'm just making too much out of the whole thing. Who knows?!

I hope that this pattern will quicken your pulse and inspire new found enthusiasm for a new type of labyrinth pattern. Those that have walked these patterns introduced in this book, and are familiar with labyrinths, usually tell me they like how the flow of these labyrinths feel. I am not saying one is better than the other, I'm merely passing on what others have shared with me.

As you move forward, I ask that you do so with an open mind and an open heart. I truly believe these patterns have been brought to us at this time for a purpose. For healing both ourselves and the planet, for deeper inner connection to ourselves and the planet, for building insight and intuition as well as inner journeying. I believe that dancing the labyrinth will bring a newfound appreciation for ancient teachings, open us up for learning and help us to tune into the ancient heartbeat of our mother. The question is... are we willing to work and listen?

Copied by the Author Llynnette VanHooser from the book - The Aquarian Labyrinth - A New Pattern for a New Age.

The above is chapter 3.1 of my first book The Aquarian Labyrinth - a New Pattern for a New Age. I am Llynnette VanHooser and I look forward to hearing from you on how you are enjoying the free book chapters. Feel free to click on the Amazon link below to order my book on Amazon or Kindle.

Have a Blessed day!

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