Aquarian Labyrinth

A New Pattern for a New Age

More changes for the Aquarian Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is in constant change and flux as we learn what the labyrinth has to teach us. Part of that flux includes a new phase of the Aquarian Labyrinth and its role as a healing tool. As I grow this site you will see many changes in the labyrinth. The pattern remains the same, however, tactics on how to maintain the labyrinth is a constant battle.

The main upcoming change will be something that was unexpected. As the garden on the property grows, we are learning new ways of dealing with weeds by using sheet mulch (cardboard) and woodchips. Once this process is complete, the entire labyrinth will be fenced in to keep the critters out, and then it will be planted with various healing and majikal herbs.  Trees will also be planted at the four quarters to further add to the majikal energies of this special place that is majikal all by its self.

These herbs will be made available mailorder for majikal purposes.

I look forward to this time although I realize it will take a long time to get it completed. Looking forward to wet weather to make planting easier.

Wish us luck in our endeavors!

Blessee be! 

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